Structural design services

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  • wybrane realizacje konstrukcji budowlanych
  • wybrane realizacje konstrukcji budowlanych
  • wybrane realizacje konstrukcji budowlanych

PROJEKT PLUS offers comprehensive structural design services.

We specialize in structural engineering design. Our team of highly qualified engineers is experienced in providing the complex services within construction & detailed engineering. The area of our interest is wide, from small structural objects (ladders, handrails, service platforms etc.) to highly complex structures (industrial objects, public utility facilities, dwelling buildings).

Our company specializes in the following types of constructions:

  • In-situ reinforced concrete structures
  • Precast reinforced concrete structures (also prestressed elements)
  • Steel and aluminum structures

Solutions, we provide, are in accordance with standards and regulations adequate to relevant task (e.g. Eurocode) and compatible with valid HSE rules.

We cooperate with investors, production plants of structural elements, general contractors and design offices related to our scope of activities.

We can assure high quality, professional approach and short delivery time.

We invite you to cooperation!